Private Tours

Looking For Private Tours?

If you have long dreamed of seeing and experiencing New Zealand, you may decide to book one of our private tours. These tours are created to cater to you and what you want to see. It's all about you on these tours, and it is sure to be an unforgettable experience. Going on a solo tour with us keeps you comfortable and flexible throughout the entire trip. You will have a vehicle of your own that you will be driven in, so you never have to worry about transportation or rides that are less than comfortable. Your itinerary can also be flexible if you want to spend more time at one place over another. Private tours are world-class experiences that are perfect for couples. Neither of you has to worry about driving, traffic or learning your way around each city and town. You just need to sit back and relax.

Tour companies can only be effective if they know the areas where they take tours and have plenty of experience in taking tour groups there. Our tour company has decades of experience in leading tours. We know how to keep them organized and fun for everyone involved. We also offer a comfortable experience that comes from our extensive experience with making travelers happy. Tour companies have to juggle a lot of things at once to make a tour go off smoothly, and we are experts at doing just that. When you have an experienced company conducting your tour, they also know where to go and which sites might be mostly hype with little substance. We know where the fun is and where you can make the best, endless memories. Experience matters; and we make the most of our extensive touring experience.